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How to Drive a Vehicle IIPosted on Jul 10, 2017 by admin | Blog

Speed: The hardest thing for new drivers to master is controlling their speed. Optimally, the driver will be 2-3 mph under the posted speed limit. Once you have reached your desired speed in accordance with the posted speed limit follow these tips to stay at your current speed: Ease your foot off the gas pedal […]

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Rules of the RoadPosted on Jul 04, 2017 by admin | Blog

Speed laws: Nevada has a basic rule for driving at a reasonable or proper speed. This means that in addition to any posted speed limits, you must consider: The amount and type of traffic The weather and the distance you can see The condition of the road surface, whether it is dry, wet, icy or […]

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How to Drive a VehiclePosted on Jul 03, 2017 by admin | Blog

When driving a vehicle for the 1st time, you should: Adjust your seat so you can comfortably reach the pedals. You should also have 12 inches between your body and the steering wheel in the event your air bags deploy. Adjust your outside mirrors so that you can see the very back side of your […]

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Car Parking TipsPosted on Jun 19, 2017 by admin | Blog

Parking in a parking space: When your outside mirror looks even with the first line of the parking space, look up the middle of the spot and turn. Backing out: When backing out of a parking space, back up straight until your windshield is even with the back of the vehicles parked next to you […]

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How to Lose Your LicensePosted on Jun 09, 2017 by admin | Blog

License suspensions and revocations Driving is a privilege and can be suspended or revoked by the DMV. Driver’s licenses are not automatically reinstated following suspension or revocation. You must: Reapply at a DMV office Present the documents required for proof of name, date of birth and social security number Meet any other reinstatement requirements and […]

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Lane MarkingsPosted on Jun 01, 2017 by admin | Blog

Solid white lines are used to mark: Right edge of the road Shoulders Bicycle lanes Stop lines Crosswalks It is against the law to cross a solid white line when entering or exiting the highway. Dotted white lines are used to mark: Separate lanes of travel in the same direction Double dotted white lines indicate […]

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Driving FatiguedPosted on May 23, 2017 by admin | Blog

Driving fatigued is a condition that affects everyone at one time or another. Crashes that occur as a result of micro sleep, which is sleep lasting from 5-10 seconds related to your circadian rhythm, are known to occur more frequently than once thought. Circadian rhythm causes nearly everyone to be less alert or even drowsy […]

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Driving Under the InfluencePosted on May 11, 2017 by admin | Blog

Under Nevada law, driving under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances, prescription and non prescription medication is Illegal. Nevada laws on driving under the influence are tough. Under these laws, there are two types of penalties: Administrative action taken against the driver by the DMV. This happens regardless of the court findings. Criminal which is […]

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City Driving vs. Highway DrivingPosted on May 08, 2017 by admin | Blog

City driving: City driving can be more dangerous because you will encounter: Intersections with traffic signals and stop signs Vehicles turning right on red Vehicles turning out of parking lots/shopping centers Pedestrians Skateboarders Bicyclists Scooters Emergency vehicles School zones School buses Most accidents in the city happen in the right and left lane. If the […]

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Driving a Manual Shift VehiclePosted on Apr 26, 2017 by admin | Blog

Before driving a manual shift vehicle in traffic, you should first learn where the friction point of the clutch is and how to shift smoothly. The best place to learn this is in a large flat parking lot. The clutch: The purpose of the clutch is to disengage the engine from the transmission Using the […]

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