How can I get a copy of my Nevada driving record?

If you would like to obtain a copy of your driving record from the Nevada DMV, either online, in-person, or by mail to establish if you should take a traffic safety course, please click here.

How old must I be to attend driving school?

Per Nevada state statute, a student must be at 15 years old to attend class. A student driver must have a valid learners permit in their possession to be eligible for behind the wheel lessons.

How many students are in the car during a lesson?

Our behind-the-wheel classes only allow for one instructor and one student-driver.

How do I get to class if I cannot drive?

Northwest Driving and Traffic School provides free pick-up and drop-off to your home, wherever you need to be before and after your lesson. We proudly teach classes in Boulder City, Henderson, Las Vegas and North Las Vegas. We are here to serve you.

Can I use Northwest’s car to take my driving test?

Northwest allows our students to use a school car to take your road test providing your instructor feels your are completely prepared and as ready to be licensed. There is an additional charge for this service.

What do I use to practice driving in if I don’t have a car?

Northwest has multiple training cars for your use while taking behind-the-wheel classes. All of the cars are equipped with an instructor’s brake and is DMV certified as safe.

I haven’t driven in years and I have to take a driving test. Do you have a class that’s right for me?

Northwest offers behind–the-wheel instruction for drivers who have not been actively driving for an extended period of time. This class is recommended for those who are preparing to take the Nevada DMV road test.

Do I get any insurance reductions if I take driving school the way I do for good grades?

Northwest provides a Behind-the-Wheel Certificate for students who take a minimum of six hours of training behind the wheel. This certificate can save you from 5% to 20% on your insurance premium.

Do you have behind-the-wheel driving lessons with a stick shift car?

Northwest offers training on automatic transmission vehicles using our fleet of DMV approved automobiles.

Do I have to have my permit to register for a behind the wheel lesson?

Yes. In order to drive legally, you must have passed a Nevada DMV drivers permit test. Once you have passed, you can immediately register for your behind the wheel lessons online at https://www.northwestdrivingschool.com/registration/

What happens once I complete my classes?

Once you have successfully completed the course and passed the final exam, we will issue you a certificate of completion. Take your original certificate of completion to the DMV when you take your driving test.

How can I get a copy of my Nevada driving record?

If you would like to obtain a copy of your driving record from the Nevada DMV, either online, in-person, or by mail to establish if you should take a traffic safety course, please click here.

How often can I take Nevada traffic school?

Per Nevada state statute, you may take a traffic school course one time during a 12- month period in order to get a point reduction. This limitation is the same whether you have been court-ordered to attend a traffic school class or not.

Will taking a traffic school class reduce the demerit points on my license?

If you currently have at least 3 demerit points on your license but no more than 11 points, you are eligible for a 3-point deduction of demerit points upon successful completion of your traffic school class. If you are attending traffic school because of a court order, you will not be eligible for a point reduction as the class itself is in lieu of points.

How do I know if I should take this traffic school?

You can take this traffic school course if:

  • You received a letter from the Nevada DMV advising that by successfully completing a traffic safety school course, you are entitled to remove 3 points from your driving record because you have a minimum of 3 points and no more than 11 points.
  • You were ordered by the courts
  • If a plea bargain is reached with the courts that allows for completion of a traffic safety course in lieu of receiving demerit points.

What happens once I complete the course?

Once you have successfully completed the course and passed the final exam, a certificate of completion will be issued to you at that time. Take your certificate of completion to the court of record on your citation.

Does Northwest Driving School administer the state DMV drive test?

All state tests directly are administered by the state of Nevada DMV at one of their four Clark county or 10 statewide offices.

What does a Drive Test purchase entail?

Northwest Driving School’s drive test provides that an existing student of Northwest will be:

  • Picked up in the car in which he or she has taken lessons.
  • With the instructor he or she has been taught by.
  • Taken to their DMV test at the location where their exam has been scheduled.
  • Allowed to use Northwest’s car during their practical exam.

Does my instructor come in the car with me during my exam?

The DMV does not allow anyone but the driver and the proctor to be in the car during the actual exam. Your instructor will be with you when you drive to the DMV, when you check in and will be there waiting for you after you pass your drive test!

Does the Drive Test cost include my DMV test fees?

The DMV charges state fess for administering their drive test. The fees charged by Northwest Driving School are for your the use of the car and your instructor’s time.

Should I schedule my DMV exam first or contact Northwest Driving School first?

It is mandatory that you contact Northwest Driving School BEFORE making any arrangements to take your driving test.  In order to assure that the car and the instructor you want are available at the available DMV test times, there must be careful scheduling between our office and you.

When you are ready to schedule your drive test, call 702-212-5667 and we will coordinate your instructor and your car with the available DMV test times. 

We are honored you have selected Northwest Driving School to teach you to learn to drive safely.  Our goal is to make your experience a wonderful one…by working together!

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