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Student Testimonials

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Mr. Rich Mr.Rich MR. RICH!! Is the best driving school instructor ever. He stayed calm which helped me stay calm. I enjoyed every session. I'm so happy I chose this school. I went from not knowing how to drive to beaming down the highway. Thank you so much Mr. Rich!!!!!

Kyley Simpson-
Drivng School Student

No.1 driving school! Rich is an awesome teacher and has lots of experience with teaching others how to drive. If you take driving lessons here you won’t regret it! I’ve learned a lot, and enjoyed it too!

Kami Hatcher-
Drivng School Student

The teacher(s) at this driving school are very good at their job. They’re also funny at times as well. I would highly recommend this school to anyone. Rich Heinrich is the best driving instructor ever. 5/5

Jack Graves-
Drivng School Student

This course was so much better than I thought it was going to be, I had a great time and learned a lot. I am ready to take my test and I am sure I will pass after taking this course.

Lindsey Albright-
Drivng School Student
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Best traffic school that I have ever gone through. I was not bored, there was plenty of breaks, and you do not have to just watch videos the whole time. I learned a lot!!!

Cheyana Slocum-
Traffic School Student

Nobody ever wants to get a ticket, pay a fine, or go to traffic school. But, when you find yourself in that position, I highly recommend Northwest Traffic School. The campus was very clean, the people were nice, and the instructor made the whole experience bearable and actually even enjoyable.

Stephen Williams-
Traffic School Student

Northwest Traffic School was a great experience. The facilities are beautiful, the teacher is awesome, and the course was actually interesting. If you want a class that will keep you engaged and not waste your time, come here.

Mike Klein-
Traffic School Student

After driving for 50 years, I got a ticket for a rolling stop and I had to go to traffic school. I was so embarrassed but the entire staff at Northwest made me feel at home and at ease. My instructor was terrific, the campus is beautiful and the class was really interesting. Thanks Northwest.

Charles Ovington-
Traffic School Student
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