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How to Stay Calm During City DrivingPosted on Apr 19, 2021 by admin | Blog

City driving can be one of the most stressful experiences for a learner driver. The streets are crowded with other road users, there’s normally a lot of traffic, and there are far more pedestrians to deal with. If you are a learner driver or a recently qualified driver, and you’re struggling to stay cool in […]

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How To Get Started With Driving LessonsPosted on Apr 13, 2021 by admin | Blog

Learning to drive can be a big step. It’s a whole new skill you’ll need to learn but it’s a skill that will stay with you for life, meaning it’s an investment in your future. But when it comes to getting started with driving lessons, it’s easy to stall before you even leave the starting […]

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Three Essential Tips for Learner DriversPosted on Apr 07, 2021 by admin | Blog

Getting behind the wheel of a car for the first time can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Once you’ve passed your test, there is an incredible sense of freedom and independence, but you still need to pass that first hurdle. To help you get the best from your driving lesson with Northwest Driving School, we’ve […]

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Speeding Fines: 4 Common Myths BustedPosted on Mar 23, 2021 by admin | Blog

When it comes to speed cameras and speeding fine, there are a lot of misconceptions and perceived loopholes that can tempt drivers into exceeding the speed limit. However, a lot of these myths around speeding are based on outdated, or just plain incorrect information. In this article, we’ll be identifying four of the most common […]

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5 Techniques You Can Use to Anticipate the Road AheadPosted on Mar 15, 2021 by admin | Blog

Anticipating changes in the road ahead of you gives you extra time to react and keeps you and other road users safe. However, anticipating is something that’s easier said than done. Diving is naturally a distracting process. To help you sharpen your anticipation skills, here are five techniques you can use. Work on Your Observation […]

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Top Ten Tips for Private Practice DrivingPosted on Mar 08, 2021 by admin | Blog

Private practice is an excellent way for you to improve your independent driving skills in a safe environment. Learning to drive on your own has a positive impact on your confidence and gives you skills that you can then rely on when taking your actual driving test. To help you get the most out of […]

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Are You Ready for Your Practical Driving Test?Posted on Mar 03, 2021 by admin | Blog

For the moment you start taking lessons, your main aim as a learner driver is going to be passing your driving test. However, a little bit of self-honesty and when preparing for your test can make a huge difference when it comes to attempting your test too soon and passing at the first attempt. Today, […]

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5 of the Most Dangerous Roads You Don’t Want to Drive OnPosted on Feb 21, 2021 by admin | Blog

We’ve all been on roads that were a little bit strenuous to drive on. Steep drops, hairpin bends, blind corners, and sudden oncoming traffic are all nerve-wracking experiences. However, it can always get much much worse. In today’s article, we’ll be looking at five of the worst roads to drive on in the world. Austrian […]

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5 of the Weirdest Cars Ever MadePosted on Feb 14, 2021 by admin | Blog

Modern cars tend to follow a pattern, with most models have only a few distinguishing features to set them apart. However, car manufacturers weren’t always so conservative in their designs.  In today’s article, we’ll be looking at five of the weirdest cars to ever hit the road. BMW Isetta The BMW Isetta was originally designed […]

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Features in Your Car That Will Soon DisappearPosted on Feb 08, 2021 by admin | Blog

Outside of a film, when was the last time you saw an engine crank handle on a car? What about an 80’s style car phone, or even manual window winders? Car features that people once took for granted have been almost completely phased out as newer technology takes over, and that process is ongoing. In […]

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