Behind The Wheel Training in Las Vegas, NV

Northwest Driving School's behind-the-wheel driver's ed classes are designed to help teens in Nevada gain the necessary skills and knowledge they need to become safe, responsible drivers.

Our Behind-The-Wheel driving lessons consist of three, two-hour, lessons. During these lessons, our instructors will provide instruction on the proper use of defensive driving training and behind-the-wheel drivers training that helps ensure a safe driving experience.

If you're considering behind-the-wheel training, get in touch with Northwest Driving School today so we can discuss your options!

Perfect Fit
For Teen

At Northwest, we’re here to support you as you enter this exciting new stage in your life. Our teen driving classes are designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to get behind the wheel safely and responsibly.

Perfect Fit For Adult/ Parent

At Northwest, our instructors provide a reliable and comfortable environment that is perfect for adult learners and parents of learners alike. We’ll work with you to ensure that you or your child have all the necessary skills required to pass the DMV test successfully.

Behind The Wheel Pricing

6 Hours Behind The Wheel Lessons
Most Popular Among New Drivers
$357.00 $420.00
  • 6 Hours Behind-The-Wheel Training
2 Hours Behind The Wheel Lessons
Most Popular Among Experienced Drivers
  • 2 Hours Behind-The-Wheel Training

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Why Northwest Is The Best
Driving School In Las Vegas?

day and evening hours

Day And
Evening Hours

This allows you to fit learning to drive into your existing schedule without having to compromise on other important commitments that you may have.

Instructor with clipboard

Male Or Female
Instructors Available

We offer the choice of male or female driving instructors. Our experienced and qualified team is available to help you reach your driving goals, no matter what they may be.

Door To Door Service

Door-To-Door Service
Is Provided

Our experienced behind the wheel instructor will pick you or your child up from your door and drop you or them off once the driving lesson is complete.

verified instructors

Verified Instructors

Our DMV-accredited instructors have been verified, so if you’re looking for the best driving instructor Las Vegas has to offer, check out NWDS.

driving test car

A Fleet Of Cars

Northwest operates a fleet of modern and reliable cars with the latest in safety and convenience features. Our vehicles also undergo regular checks to make sure they're always up to scratch.

save your driving spend

Save Your Money

We make sure that our students receive the best quality driving lessons in a cost-effective manner, without compromising on safety or service.

What will I Learn During My
Behind The Wheel Lessons?

To keep you as safe as possible on the roads, our lessons focus on the five key rules of defensive driving. You'll learn how to maintain a safe following distance, identify potential hazards ahead, use your mirrors correctly, anticipate dangerous situations, and practice safe lane-changing techniques.

Learn how to properly and safely turn your vehicle at intersections and driveways.

We'll teach you how to properly check your mirrors and blind spots and the proper signaling procedure before changing lanes.

Get off the line quickly and safely with smooth acceleration. We'll also cover proper braking techniques for slowing down in traffic.

Using your rearview and side mirrors effectively will help you stay aware of your surroundings. Get tips on proper positioning and adjustments.

Finding the right spot in your lane is essential for safe driving. Learn how to position yourself in the lane properly and what factors you should consider.

We'll cover the basics of parallel parking, including how to pick a spot and correctly position your car in a tight fit.

Parking on a hill can be tricky, so knowing how to do it properly is important. Learn how to navigate up and down hills like a pro.

Get comfortable with angle and perpendicular parking, two important techniques when it comes to parking in tight spaces

If you're feeling up to it, you can also try highway driving. Learn how to merge lanes and take on the responsibility of managing other cars around you.

Teen Learning to Drive at Northwest Driving School

Students Testimonials
Google Rating Score: 4.8 Out of 5, Based on 240 Reviews

diamond gray

I highly recommend their 15/6 program. I learned a lot from the 15 hours of classroom training, and the 6 hours of behind the wheel training gave me a chance to practice everything I had learned in the classroom. I had Vickie as my instructor for the behind the wheel portion, and she was great! She was sup...

Driving School Student

keith dizon

I had James (Jim) as my instructor and he was awesome. He was kind and very patient with me. He made me feel at ease and confident behind the wheel, and was very encouraging. It was such a pleasure having him as my instructor and I highly recommend him to those looking for one. Oh..and he also has great taste in music.

Driving School Student

madeline potts

As an adult learner I was very nervous going into driving school. I was afraid of judgment and of the dreaded instructor that would yell at me. Northwest was nothing like I expected. Every single employee I met was kind and accommodating and would answer my questions, no matter how stupid they...

Driving School Student


Behind-The-Wheel Lesson FAQ

Behind-the-wheel classes are designed to provide Nevada student drivers with the hands-on skills and knowledge to become safe, competent drivers.

You must have completed your Driver's Ed class, gotten your learner’s permit and be at least 15 1/2 years of age to take a behind-the-wheel class.

During a behind-the-wheel class, you will learn the basics of driving and advanced topics such as defensive driving, driving in different conditions, and safe driving habits. You will also learn the rules of the road and how to navigate different types of traffic.

Northwest Driving School offers competitively priced behind-the-wheel classes. Please get in touch with us at (702) 212-5667 for more information on pricing and packages or register online for a behind-the-wheel class now!

NWDS offers a variety of lesson options based on your age and your prior driving experience: you can register for a combo Driver’s Ed and behind-the-wheel lessons package (15-6 and 15-10) with and without drive-test options or simply behind-the-wheel lessons…you decide which lesson type is best for you.

Finding a reputable driving school near you is easy. You can use an online search to compare different schools in your area, check out reviews from previous students, and ask friends and family for recommendations. NWDS is a trusted driving school in the Las Vegas area, offering quality instruction and competitive prices.

Best Behind The Wheel Lessons in Las Vegas, NV


Drive Test

Get test ready with Northwest Driving School

Regardless of how long you’ve been driving, taking a driving test can be an intimidating experience. That’s why we offer comprehensive driving test preparation services to help you become better prepared and more confident for your test. 
Our driving instructors are patient, professional, and knowledgeable, and can help you with all of the necessary skills to pass your test with flying colors!

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