Frankie Fopiano
Instructor and Office Administrator
  • Education

    A.A.S. College of Southern Nevada, Auto CAD

    Certified Instructor, NV DMV

  • Biography

    Frankie works and karaoke's in Las Vegas but his out-of-doors-heart is still out East. Born in Boston, Frankie loves the snow and mountains. As an avid snowboarder, Frankie has never seen a snow day he didn't LOVE! A graduate from Durango High School, Frankie went on to study architecture and loves to take in all of the amazing buildings that line the Las Vegas Strip and surrounding areas. Frankie loves working with people and making sure they are happy...he has worked in high-end retail, management and in the transportation industry. Frankie is Northwest Driving School's Drivers Ed Instructor and one of our most requested Behind-The-Wheel instructors!

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