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Why Are So Many Japanese Driving Schools Closing?Posted on Sep 02, 2019 by admin | Blog

In 2018, the number of professional driving schools in Japan dropped below 1200, meaning that there are now less than 15,000 qualified driving instructors in the country of 128 million people, and those numbers are continuing to drop. By comparison, the United Kingdom, with a population of 70 million, has around 47,000 approved driving instructors […]

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What Are The 5 Most Important Driver Safety Checks?Posted on Aug 26, 2019 by admin | Blog

Before setting off on a trip on any length, your first priority should be to ensure that your vehicle is in a fit state to drive and that you are making your safety, and the safety of those around you, your top priority. To help you make sure your car is in the best possible […]

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A Guide to Driving in the United KingdomPosted on Aug 20, 2019 by admin | Blog

The United Kingdom is an amazing place to holiday, filled with a fantastic history and beautiful rolling green countryside. Getting around the UK is best done by car, but for visitors from overseas, this can be a bit daunting, given that the road regulations and even the side of the road the is driven on […]

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What is a Blind Spot?Posted on Aug 08, 2019 by admin | Blog

When it comes to driver safety and safe use of the road, one of the terms that comes up a lot is the concept of a “blind spot”. However, this term is often not explained particularly well, so, in this article, we will be breaking down what a blind spot is, and how you can […]

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Top 10 Reasons for Failing A Driving TestPosted on Jul 29, 2019 by admin | Blog

Driving tests are necessarily difficult. After all, getting your driving license means you’re in charge of a heavy chunk of metal that you can accelerate to high speeds. But before you start freaking out about how hard your test is going to be, remember, you are not the first person to take one.   There […]

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How Many Driving Lessons Do I Actually Need?Posted on Jul 22, 2019 by admin | Blog

The time between you starting to learn to drive and actually being be to head out in your car on your on is measured in driving lessons, but how many do you actually need? In this article, we will be looking at how many lessons you need and what factors can change that number. The […]

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What Does Comprehensive Car Insurance Mean?Posted on Jul 18, 2019 by admin | Blog

Car insurance is one of the more complicated things a new driver has to navigate after gaining their license and the terminology can be very confusing. There are many different policies to choose from and each has its own pros and cons. In this article, we will be looking at what comprehensive car insurance actually […]

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Which Country has the Easiest Driving Test?Posted on Jul 08, 2019 by admin | Blog

Driving tests in the US are pretty hard and understandably so. If you are going to put someone in charge of a couple of tons of fast-moving metal,  it would be best if they actually knew what they were doing. But this kind of rigor isn’t the norm, in many countries driving test are almost […]

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Should I Learn to Drive in a Manual or an Automatic Car?Posted on Jul 02, 2019 by admin | Blog

One of the most common questions facing new drivers is whether they should learn to drive in a manual or an automatic car. There are benefits and downsides to both choices, ranging from the speed at which you can learn, the cost of insurance, and what kind of car you’ll be able to drive in […]

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How to Perform an Emergency StopPosted on Jun 24, 2019 by admin | Blog

One of the most important driving lessons, and one that you will almost certainly be tested on in your driving test, is your ability to perform an emergency stop. In order to pass your test, you will need to demonstrate that you can perform an emergency stop when asked by your instructor and maintain control […]

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