Tips For Teen Drivers

Tips for Teen Drivers

As the parent of a newly qualified teenage driver, it’s reasonable for you to worry about their safety. After all, driving isn’t an easy skill to master, and controlling a car is a huge responsibility.

While your teen is only going to learn if you give them enough space to become comfortable behind the wheel, and you can trust our driving instructors to give them the skills they need to stay safe, there are some subjects you should bring up and discuss with them.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some helpful tips you can discuss with a newly qualified driver to help keep them safe and reduce your stress levels.

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Put a “No Phones” Rule in Place

The use of a mobile phone when driving reduces your ability to react to changes in the driving environment by as much as being over the alcohol limit. Crashes caused by drivers using a mobile phone while driving are also six times more common than accidents caused by driving while under the influence.

Making sure your phone stays out of your hand while driving is something worth reinforcing to newly qualified drivers. It might also be worth investing in a hands-free kit or looking for a car with a Bluetooth hookup to help your teen stay connected while driving and reduce the urge to pick up their phone.

Do a Pre-Drive Safety Check

When you get into a car with a driving instructor, they normally run you through a checklist before you start the car. Are the mirrors in the right position, are the doors locked,  are any engine warning lights on, etc? 

Making sure your teen keeps running through this kind of checklist before they start the engine is a great way to keep them focussed on the safety aspects of driving rather than just pulling away as soon as possible.

Reduce Potential Distractions

Most of the accidents on our roads daily are caused by people becoming distracted while driving. 

Putting on makeup, fiddling with mobile phones, changing the radio station, and programming the Sat Nav, all these distractions significantly reduce your ability to react to changes in the driving environment and can be deadly to your teen and other drivers.

Bringing them the importance of focusing on the road ahead and the actions of other road users will keep them safer in the long run.

Elevate Your Teen’s Driving Skills with Northwest Driving School

Teaching your teen to drive safely is just the beginning. At Northwest Driving School in Las Vegas, we’re dedicated to honing those skills with comprehensive, engaging, and entertaining driving classes. Our seasoned instructors, each with a clean background check and driving DMV safety-approved vehicles, are here to ensure your teen not only passes their test but also becomes a responsible and skilled driver.

Call us at (702) 202-5667 and let our experts guide them to success.

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