Top Three Ways Driver’s Education Helps Your Teen

Top Three Ways Driver’s Education Helps Your Teen

The Driver Education system in America has a purpose and a role in the process of teaching teenagers how to drive.
The three most significant benefits are:

  • Introduces teens to basic vehicle operation
  • Teaches teens the rules of the road
  • Prepares teens for passing the licensing exam at the DMV

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Basic vehicle operation introduction

Vehicle operation can be confusing and somewhat unnatural for anyone who has never driven a car. There are knobs, levers, switches, pedals, mirrors, and a steering wheel that all must be adjusted, pressed, or turned at some point while driving. The first benefit of Driver’s Education is to familiarize new drivers with the control systems of their cars.


Rules of the Road

Driver’s Education teaches new drivers the rules of the road and sign recognition. This is critical to a driver’s safety. Knowing proper lane positioning, lane change procedures, how to enter or exit a freeway, and recognizing signs that signify conditions or dangers for which a driver must prepare are fundamental to vehicle control and operation.

Driver’s License Exam

Lastly, Driver’s Education prepares new drivers to pass the licensing exam and obtain their driver’s license. Just as college administrators use SAT scores to determine a person’s readiness for college, the DMV uses what is learned through the Driver Education program to determine a teen’s readiness to drive. This preparation has proven successful by increasing the number of new drivers passing the DMV test on the first attempt rather than failing and having to retake it later.

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