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4 Reasons to Go to an Accredited Driving School in Las VegasPosted on Jul 13, 2015 by admin | Blog

When choosing a driving school, Las Vegas residents should consider its credentials. A non-accredited driving school cannot offer you the certification that may help reduce your car insurance costs, and it may not be the best school for you. Consider these reasons for choosing an driver’s ed. class accredited by the DMV:   Trust – […]

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How patient are you behind the wheel?Posted on Dec 21, 2014 by admin | Blog

When I speak with people about my job as a driving instructor with Young Drivers of Canada they often say they aren’t patient enough to teach someone how to drive. I guess my demeanor is regularly calm enough to do this. I am a patient person by nature. I guess you would have to be […]

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Should I Go to Traffic School?Posted on Dec 20, 2014 by admin | Blog

When you get stopped for a traffic violation, you may want to fight the ticket or just pay it off to make it go away, but think twice before you do that. In most situations, if you go to traffic school, you can avoid stiff fines and increased insurance rates, and keep your record clean. […]

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Buccaneers Member Arrested for DUIPosted on Dec 20, 2014 by admin | Blog

Isaiah Harris, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers director, was fired on Thursday following his arrest for DUI. The 35-year-old refused a blood-alcohol test and was arrested for misdemeanor DUI. He was released on $500 bond. Buccaneer Manager Jason Licht stated for the record, “This type of incident, particularly for someone whose primary responsibilities are to mentor […]

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Top Three Ways Driver’s Education Helps Your TeenPosted on Dec 20, 2014 by admin | Blog

The Driver Education system in America has a purpose and a role in the process for teaching teenagers how to drive. The three most significant benefits are: Introduces teens to basic vehicle operation Teaches teens the rules of the road Prepares teens for passing the licensing exam at the DMV Basic vehicle operation introduction Vehicle […]

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