Top Tips For Getting A First-Time Pass

Top Tips For Getting A First-Time Pass

Even the most competent driving student can find the prospect of a driving test daunting. The fear of a single major mistake leading to failure is a common concern among learner drivers, even though the average pass rate for driving tests in the United States is approximately 61%.

To help ensure you are one of the 61% who pass their driving test with flying colors on the first try, the expert instructors at Northwest Driving School have put together these easy-to-use tips to help you get your well-deserved first-time pass!

So, if you’ve got your driving test coming up and want an edge on getting your license, read on!

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Make Sure You Turn Up Early

Turning up on time isn’t optional when taking your driving test with the Nevada DMV. If you aren’t at the testing center when your test starts, you’ll automatically fail, be charged for the test, and have to pay to book a new one. 

While turning up on time is a must, turning up early is also an excellent way to reduce stress and concentrate the mind. Instead of constantly feeling you’re running late and fighting against the clock, setting off early and arriving with plenty of time to spare means you can concentrate on your test and not the clock. 

There’s no need to arrive hours early; that will just give you time for the anxiety to kick in, but turning up 15-20 minutes early is easy to achieve and keeps test day stress to a minimum. It also gives you plenty of time to overcome any last-minute paperwork issues that might crop up. 

Ensure You Bring the Correct Documents

Speaking of paperwork, ensure you have everything in order the day before you are due to take your test. If you are unsure what you need to bring, you can contact your local DMV, who will furnish you with a list.  We’ve also written our guide to what documents you need to bring with you on test day for both over and under 18s.

The last thing you need on the day of your test is to find out that you’ve turned up with the wrong documents and can’t take your test. Even if you can rectify the situation in time to take your test (as we said, it’s always a good idea to turn up early), you’ll still be distracted from what matters: showing your ability to handle a vehicle correctly.  


Take A Few Mock Tests

Fear of taking your driving test is mostly fear of the unknown. Most of us only take one driving test in our lives, so we go into it without any prior experience to draw on. Mock tests are an excellent way to get comfortable with the testing format.

A mock exam is usually a driving lesson conducted under test conditions, with the driving instructor asking you the same questions and instructions you are likely to face from the examiner on the day of your test. 

Taking a mock test or two can give you the confidence you need to ace your test by getting you used to the testing format, environment, questions, and maneuvers in a low-stress environment. Then, on the day of your test, you’ll be sufficiently comfortable with what’s about to happen that it should be easier to overcome your nerves. 

Use Your Instructor’s Car

If you don’t yet have a vehicle of your own, or just want to take your test in a driving environment that you’re already familiar with, you can see if your driving school will let you use your instructor’s car.

There are a range of benefits to using your instructor’s car. The DMV does not provide you with a vehicle to take your test in, so if you don’t have your own, it might be your only option. 

You’ve also been learning to drive in that exact vehicle for at least 50 hours, so you’ll feel more at home and comfortable in it than in a different model. That sense of familiarity can work wonders for your confidence on test day!

NorthWest Driving School offers an affordable test car rental service to ensure you are as comfortable and confident as possible on your test day!

Exaggerate Your Mirror Checks

One of the most common points of failure for driving test takers is not checking their mirrors when setting off, approaching hazards, changing road position, or changing gears. While every test examiner is a trained observer who will check that you’re making the correct mirror checks, there’s no harm in over-emphasizing it.

Instead of just a glance, noticeably move your head when making your mirror checks. There’s also no harm in just saying “mirrors” out loud as you do it, just to make sure that your examiner fully understands what you’re doing. It might feel a little silly at the time, but it is better than failing your test for something you did correctly.

Choose The Right Driving School

One of the best ways to ensure that you have the greatest chance of passing your driving test on the first try is to enroll in an effective driving school. The best driving instructors will give you all the knowledge you need to pass your driving test and the support you need to learn at your own pace in a low-pressure environment. 

At Northwest Driving School, our experienced instructors work at your pace, providing you with a supportive learning environment and the expert guidance you need to earn your driver’s license. Contact us today to book your lessons.

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