Car Parking Tips & Rules of the Road

Car Parking Tips & Rules of the Road

Parking in a parking space:

When your outside mirror looks even with the first line of the parking space, look up the middle of the spot and turn.

Backing out:

When backing out of a parking space, back up straight until your windshield is even with the backs of the vehicles parked next to you, then turn the wheel. Remember to back up slowly and keep your foot on the brake for speed control.

A driver entering a street from a private driveway must stop before crossing the sidewalk and only proceed after looking both ways and yielding the right-of-way to approaching vehicles.

When parallel parking, you must park with the flow of traffic.

You cannot park:

  • In an alley in a business district
  • In front of a private driveway
  • Within 20 feet of an intersection
  • Within 20 feet of a stop sign
  • Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant

When parking on a hill:

  • The only time you turn your wheel to the left is when you are parking uphill with a curb.

Speed laws:

Nevada has a basic rule for driving at a reasonable or proper speed. This means that in addition to any posted speed limits, you must consider:

  • The amount and type of traffic
  • The weather and the distance you can see
  • The condition of the road surface, whether it is dry, wet, icy or snow-covered

It also means that you are never to drive at a speed that endangers you or anyone else. It is important to reduce the speed of your vehicle whenever weather conditions reduce visibility or make the roadway slippery.

Speed limits in Nevada:

  • 15 mph                 School Zones
  • 25 mph                 Business and residential areas and school zones
  •  35-45 mph           Reduced speed areas going into town
  • 55-65 mph           Urban freeways, rural highways
  • 70 mph                 Rural interstate freeways

Not all vehicles have the same speed limit. Trucks will have a slower speed limit on some highways and in mountainous areas.

Nevada does not have a minimum speed law; however, if you drive under the speed limit and have 3 or more vehicles behind you, you must pull over when it is safe and allow them to pass.


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