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"Mr. Rich Mr.Rich MR. RICH!! Is the best driving school instructor ever. He stayed calm which helped me stay calm. I enjoyed every session. I'm so happy I chose this school. I went from not knowing how to drive to beaming down the highway. Thank you so much Mr. Rich!!!!! "Kyley Simpson - Driving School Student

Driving School & Courses in Las Vegas

Driving School

Drivers Ed Class

Drivers Ed Pricing Price
15/6 Program (Drivers Ed + Behind The Wheel) $450
15/6 Program with Driving Test $600
15/10 Program (Drivers Ed + Behind The Wheel) $775
15/10 Program with Driving Test $925
15/50 Program (Drivers Ed + Behind The Wheel) $2600
15/50 Program with Driving Test $2750

Behind The Wheel

Behind The Wheel Pricing Price
2 Hours $150
4 Hours $275
6 Hours $400
10 Hours $600
50 Hours $2500
NWDS For Your Convenient Price
Driving Test * $200
Drive Test Auto Rental ** $275
Corporate Defensive Driving Program Call For Pricing
    This Option Applies ONLY to existing Northwest Driving School students
  1. Please call our office at 702-212-5667 when you are ready to book your DMV Drive Test. We will book the DMV Drive Test with you to ensure we have an instructor available when the DMV has available Drive Test appointments.
  2. Your Instructor will pick you up just like a regular lesson.
  3. Your Instructor will provide you with a short, drive test review on your way to your DMV Drive Test.
  4. If time allows, you and your Instructor will drive you home after your Drive Test is complete. This does not apply to minors who must be met at the DMV by their parents. Parents are then responsible for accompanying their child home after their Drive Test is complete.

Why Northwest is The Best Driving School in Las Vegas?

arrow Only Northwest Driving School offers the 15-6 program which is the perfect fit for most new drivers in Las Vegas.

Northwest's 15-6 is a new program certified by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles that combines 15 hours of classroom training along with 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction in lieu of the 30 hour drivers education course. The classroom portion is completed in one weekend with class times running from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days. The 15-6 curriculum taught in the classroom consists of the following:

  • Traffic Laws
  • Driver Fitness
  • Car Insurance
  • Defensive Seeing Habits

arrowBehind the Wheel Training:

The behind-the-wheel portion consists of three, two - hour lessons. Your driving instructor will show you how to recognize hazards in real traffic situations. You will also be taught the following:

  • The Five Key Rules of Defensive Driving
  • How to Make Proper Right and Left Turns
  • Proper Lane Change Procedures
  • Smooth Starts and Stops
  • Proper Mirror Usage
  • Proper Lane Positioning
  • Parallel Parking
  • Parking on Grades
  • Angle and Perpendicular Parking
  • Highway Driving (only if the student is ready)

arrowFollowing Distances:

  • 4 seconds at speeds under 40 MPH
  • 5 seconds at speeds over 40 MPH

This program does contain some homework.

arrow Quality instructors produce quality drivers

Northwest Driving School prides itself on employing excellent instructors who are both experienced and committed to our students. All of our instructors are parents and members of the community and care deeply about the safety of its roadways. To learn more about Northwest's Master Instructors, please visit our Instructors page.

arrow All of our instructors have passed a background check

Northwest Driving School mandates that all of our instructors follow the guidelines established for reviewing the backgrounds of our instructors. We know that your safety and the safety of the loved ones you entrust to us is extremely important…that’s why we leave no stone unturned to ensure their safety.

arrow Our programs are interesting

Northwest Driving School recognizes that learning “the rules of the road” can be dry and tedious. That’s why our instructors make each driving experience both insightful and interesting. Learning can be fun as well as focused. Better to learn a lesson with a smile than forget a fact with a frown.

arrow Our programs can save you money on insurance premiums

Northwest Driving School knows that every penny counts in today’s Las Vegas economy so upon successful completion of your 6 or 10 hour driving class, you will receive a certificate of completion to give to your insurance company, which could save you between 5% and 20 % off the price of your car insurance.

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"No.1 driving school! Rich is an awesome teacher and has lots of experience with teaching others how to drive. If you take driving lessons here you won’t regret it! I've learned a lot, and enjoyed it too!" Kami Hatcher-
Driving School Student

"This course was so much better than I thought it was going to be, I had a great time and learned a lot. I am ready to take my test and I am sure I will pass after taking this course." Lindsey Albright-
Driving School Student

"The teacher(s) at this driving school are very good at their job. They're also funny at times as well. I would highly recommend this school to anyone. Rich Heinrich is the best driving instructor ever. 5/5" Jack Graves-
Driving School Student

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Why Massage Therapy? DMV Notification

Your driving school completion and student information is reported to the Nevada DMV and you leave with your certificate in hand.

High Demand Career Qualified Instructors

Your driving school instructors are licensed through the Nevada DMV, passed a background check and have decades of experience teaching students the rules of the road.

A Great Life An Effortless Process

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