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How to Drive a Vehicle IIPosted on Jul 10, 2017 by admin| Blog


The hardest thing for new drivers to master is controlling their speed. Optimally, the driver will be 2-3 mph under the posted speed limit. Once you have reached your desired speed in accordance with the posted speed limit follow these tips to stay at your current speed:

  • Ease your foot off the gas pedal
  • Apply slight pressure to the pedal to where you feel a slight pull in the back of your right leg.


Every time you stop your vehicle, three things must happen

  • Perception distance- how far you travel in the time it takes your eyes to send a signal to your brain.
  • Reaction distance- how far you travel in the time it takes your brain to send a signal to your foot to get off the gas and move to the brake.
  • Braking distance- how far you travel after you hit the brake, until the vehicle stops.
  • Adding up these distances will equal what we call your total stopping distance.

To avoid hard stops, keep the heal of your foot on the ground between the gas and the brake and pivot.

When stopped in traffic behind other vehicles, always stop back where you can see their back tires touching the ground.


Author: Rich Heinrich

Master Instructor, Emeritus

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